Network Analysis Services

Network Engineers tasked with analyzing network performance and identifying the root cause of issues need more than packet capture.  In these videos, learn about 10 critical network performance tests and why the VinaFore Services is the go-to solution for any organization who expects their network to be ‘always on’.

We are professional for Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure troubleshooting by local technicians and engineers, giving them the portability to go anywhere — and the visibility they need — to solve problems down to the desktop. With automated discovery, mapping of the local network and multiple functions to isolate the root cause of infrastructure-related problems, We helps distribute problem solving throughout your organization, making everyone more effective.

Core Capabilities

  • Wireless Analysis – Integrated tools for deploying, troubleshooting, and securing 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLANs
  • Network Analysis – Automated discovery, mapping, analysis and guided troubleshooting of your network infrastructure
  • Traffic and Packet Analysis –  “On the wire” analysis
  • Performance Testing – Troubleshoot problems from end-to-end, conduct network assessments, validate new infrastructure and devices, and test service provider SLAs and QoS at up to a full line-rate of 10 Gbps

For detailed information about each one of these core capabilities, see additional key use cases.

Wireless Analysis

For further information, see detailed key use case

  • Full support for the entire WLAN lifecycle — plan, deploy, troubleshoot, and secure 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLANs
  • Enables analysis of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN environments using the award-winning AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer, Spectrum XT, Survey and Planning tools, and AirMagnet Spectrum ES™ for in-building cellular deployments
  • Find rogue clients and access points that could be jeopardizing the security of your network
  • Identify and find sources of RF interference that impact the performance of your WLAN
  • Quickly troubleshoot WLAN performance issues — configuration problems, co-channel interference, slow clients
  • Discovery and querying of wireless LAN controllers provides information about wireless networks across your site
  • Automatically create detailed maps of your wired and wireless infrastructure, including APs, WLCs, and wireless clients

Network Infrastructure Analysis

For further information, see detailed key use case

  • Real-time discovery engine finds and tracks up to 30,000 devices — hosts, phones, switches, routers, access points, servers and more
  • Unique Path Analysis provides graphical view of the path between a user and network resources (local, remote, or cloud-based) and visually indicates health data or problems on critical links and devices along the path
  • Automated wired and wireless network mapping — using OptiView’s powerful discovery engine, users can interact with their network in a flexible map-based user interface to visually identify configuration and topology issues, speeding troubleshooting. One click sends the map data through a Visio file generator, creating instant, professional network documentation
  • Allows visibility of intermittent problems by collecting and monitoring granular data rather than the aggregated data collected by typical network management systems
  • Automatically detects problems in the network and suggests resolution procedures
  • Measure performance of your VMware® environment, including hypervisor availability, interface utilization, and resource usage levels

Traffic and Packet Analysis

For further information, see detailed key use case

  • Ensures line-rate packet capture up to 10 Gbps with zero loss for troubleshooting difficult application problems
  • Sequential store to disk allows for multiple, sequential captures to be stored to the OptiView XG analyzer’s internal disk or to an external storage device to capture for longer periods or to capture multiple trigger events, ensuring that you capture all the packets needed for successful analysis
  • Provides easy-to-understand graphical view of captured traffic with powerful drill-down capability, speeding root-cause analysis
  • Real-time traffic analysis on SPAN or TAP traffic shows top hosts, top conversations, top protocols — for a fast view of who is using your bandwidth
  • Go directly in-line (up to 1 Gbps) to observe traffic in real-time or capture at line rate without the need of an external tap, saving time and hassle

Performance Testing

For further information, see detailed key use case

  • Troubleshoot network bottlenecks, validate new architectures, and assess networks for new technology or application deployments, test service providers SLAs and end-to-end QoS
  • Measures end-to-end network performance in terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, test QoS, and availability up to 10 Gbps
  • Testing at operational speeds (less than line-rate) in conjunction with Path Analysis reveals network bottlenecks for fast troubleshooting
  • Class-of-Service testing and multiple test streams (up to 8 simultaneous) ensures availability and performance of QoS throughout your network, and whether carrier links are supporting QoS

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